This is the official web site of the NIAID-funded project to determine the genomic sequence of the TU502 isolate of Cryptosporidium hominis. This project, started in May, 2000, is under the direction of Dr. Gregory A. Buck at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Drs. Ping Xu, Ying Ping Wang, and L. Shozo Ozaki at VCU, and Drs. Giovanni Widmer and Saul Tzipori at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine (TUSVM) are co-directors of the project.

C. hominis, which is the Cryptosporidium species most strongly associated with human disease, is propagated at TUSVM. High throughput sequencing, assembly, and analysis are performed at VCU. An associated project at the University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. Mitchell S. Abrahamsen will derive the sequence of the related animal pathogen C. parvum.

This site is designed to provide background on this project as well as serve as the primary source of DNA sequence and related data. Sequence data are posted to the site as they become available. Visitors to the site are encouraged to read our data release policy by clicking on the appropriate menu bar to the left of this narrative. (Background on Cryptosporidium)

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